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Are my 2017 goals on track?

It’s the middle of June, time to review if I am on track with achieving this year’s goals.

I hate the word ‘should’, so considering I’m a bit off track, I need to consciously avoid using it in this post, just so I don’t beat myself up too much.

Okay, the first goal for the year –
Finish editing ‘Forgotten Blood’, this is the first novel in my Soul Guardians trilogy (Young Adult Urban Fantasy).

Did I do that?

Nope, not done yet.  I got distracted with a new science-fiction series idea.  Bad excuse.  Bad me.

I have achieved heaps and I have spent hours editing and adding words.  However, I need to get back on track with this goal, and so this week I am putting all distractions aside (including the new series idea).  I am less than two scenes away from finishing ‘Forgotten Blood’, less than 2,000 words (So close it hurts).  This is a hurdle I must jump.  I need to focus on the feeling I will have once I achieve this goal.  It will be a huge validation, which my tender ego needs.

Why is the end of the book so hard to get out?  I know what is going to happen, but the words in those last two scenes are soooooo hard.

Okay, this post was a distraction too. Darn.