Life is a challenge – but we must keep swimming.

It’s nearly two years since I’ve posted on this website, and during that time I’ve faced some of the biggest personal challenges in my life so far – depression and anxiety, grief, betrayal.  I think sometimes the only thing you can do is keep your head above water and once the waves settle, start swimming again.  So that is what I did. I kept my head above the water and I hope now it’s safe to start swimming again.

So, what’s happened writing wise since my last post?

  • I finished my book! Yay me. ?
    I got lots of positive feedback from my critique partners and beta readers, though the perfectionist in me is still not happy with the quality of the beginning. I shall let it sit while I focus on my next project, then review the three alternative starts I’ve written. Fresh eyes will be needed.
  • I’ve committed to writing a novella for an anthology my writer’s group is publishing later in the year.  This is a commitment that scares me a little, but my confidence needs a win and my group is so supportive and amazing. It will be a paranormal new adult romance set in my Soul Guardian universe.  (The same universe as my YA trilogy – the first book of which is done – see above dot point – yay me.)
  • I’ve changed my author name to L.J. Langdon.  Not because I don’t like my real name.  I just decided I needed a professional ‘hat’ to wear to put some emotional distance between me and my work. Like a persona, I can step in to and out of.  I can’t explain.  It just helps me be less critical and more objective.

So, that’s it. I’m going to keep swimming for now.  Let myself heal and celebrate the small wins.