Writer Life

Music for the muse

When I write, I must listen to music. My inner muse demands it. Without music, she refuses to create.

While writing the draft of my latest book, Blood Secret, I listened to one song on repeat for the months it took.

One song, one book.

It was the same with my first book, Forgotten Blood (coming later this year). Though I needed a different song for that book.

Amen, by Enigma was this book’s song.

It wasn’t the images in the video that inspired me, I didn’t watch the video. It wasn’t the words in the song, I was too immersed in the words emerging as I typed.

It was the atmosphere the song created for me. Even without listening to the lyrics.

My heroine struggles against darkness and repression, she’s on a journey to find independence and self-acceptance. And love, of course, as it’s a paranormal romance. I think this song created a mood that helped keep my subconscious focused. I still love this song despite the thousands of times I must have listened to it.

I recommend the whole album, The Fall of a Rebel Angel by Engima.

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