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    Music for the muse

    When I write, I must listen to music. My inner muse demands it. Without music, she refuses to create. While writing the draft of my latest book, Blood Secret, I listened to one song on repeat for the months it took. One song, one book. It was the same with my first book, Forgotten Blood (coming later this year). Though I needed a different song for that book. Amen, by Enigma was this book’s song. It wasn’t the images in the video that inspired me, I didn’t watch the video. It wasn’t the words in the song, I was too immersed in the words emerging as I typed. It was…

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    COVID-19 uncertainty and the negative impact it can have on creativity

    Stay at home. That’s the chant governments across the globe are sending out to their citizens. Social distancing is the best defence we have against COVID-19, and it’s proven to work. But social distancing isn’t the only part of this pandemic, there are many other impacts; economic, social, and mental. Let’s focus on just one, the effect uncertainty has on creativity. While trying times and forced isolation may have been productive for Shakespeare, not everyone can funnel fear and uncertainty into their creative works. I’m a pure introvert, so you’d think staying at home more would be a dream come true. All that extra time to write, right? But I’m…

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    Are my 2017 goals on track?

    It’s the middle of June, time to review if I am on track with achieving this year’s goals. I hate the word ‘should’, so considering I’m a bit off track, I need to consciously avoid using it in this post, just so I don’t beat myself up too much. Okay, the first goal for the year – Finish editing ‘Forgotten Blood’, this is the first novel in my Soul Guardians trilogy (Young Adult Urban Fantasy). Did I do that? Nope, not done yet.  I got distracted with a new science-fiction series idea.  Bad excuse.  Bad me. I have achieved heaps and I have spent hours editing and adding words.  However,…