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    Bali Writing Retreat

      I’m in Ubud, Bali until the 24th February with my critique partner, Elsa Holland. I plan to have my manuscript finalised by the end of the month to send to Harlequin Teen…  and so, I can’t post more… busy writing and editing… (and sneaking peeks outside the window).    

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    My Precious

    I’m broke.  But not too broke for a new laptop. 🙂 This isn’t the model of my dreams, but at half the price, beggars can’t be choosers. It was a need, not a want. My critique partner, some writer friends and I are going on a writing retreat to Bali next year (February 2017).  My old laptop is purple, which I love, but it’s very, very old and the battery doesn’t last more than an hour or so.  Considering it takes about 10 minutes to start up and then another 10 to shutdown, it’s not exactly a good portable choice for going to cafes to write. So, what’s a broke…